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Love of The Past: Val Kilmer Shares the Unknown Truth About Angelina Jolie

“The former Batman” Val Kilmer had romantic relationships with many Hollywood stars. According to the rumors, he had dated Daryl Hannah, Cindy Crawford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Drew Barrymore, Paris Hilton… However, he had only one wife — actress Joanne Whalley, who gave birth to two of his children.

The actor used to be extremely popular but now he takes terrible roles in B-movies, just like Nicolas Cage does. Nevertheless, nowadays, after turning 60, it seems that Kilmer’s favorite girlfriend was Angelina Jolie. In his memoir “I’m Your Huckleberry: A Memoir”, Kilmer shared previously unknown details of his relationship with Jolie.

They met on the set of the 2004 historical drama ‘Alexander’ directed by Oliver Stone. They fell in love with each other from the first sight.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not last for a long time. They broke up in 2004, when Jolie started her new project — Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Angelina met Brad Pitt and decided to dump Val Kilmer.

Unlike Pitt, Kilmer still thinks that Jolie is special. In his memoir, he calls her a kind, smart, and wonderful woman. Val claims that she has nothing in common with other Hollywood superstars.

Kilmer thanks Angelina Jolie for saving him from depression during one of the hardest periods of his life. At the time, the actor was devastated after the breakup with his girlfriend, actress Daryl Hannah (A Walk to Remember, Wall Street). Angelina helped Val Kilmer to get over it.