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How Vin Diesel’s Twin Brother Looks Like

Vin Diesel does not talk much about his personal life. But in 2016, he posted a picture with his twin brother on Instagram. However, it caused even more questions. His brother Paul who is 10 minutes older does not look like him at all.

On rare occasions, twins indeed does not look alike. Paul Vincent, who took his mother’s surname, is the exact opposite of Vin. He is a slender man with a beard, short gray hair and glasses.

In other words, Paul is the embodiment of restraint and elegance. However, there is one thing brothers have in common: they both cinema industry with all their hearts.

Paul Vincent never wanted to become an actor. He is a worldwide respected Hollywood editor and producer responsible for many popular movies.

52-year-old Paul Vincent does not have an Instagram account. He does not use any social networks. We do not know much about his personal life. The brother of the Hollywood star loves rock music and collects records of the popular rock bands of the last century.

Paul lives in California and spends a lot of time with his three nephews. By the way, Vin Diesel named one of his children in honor of his brother. The brothers are very close and understand each other perfectly.