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1. The Actress Who Replaced Salma Hayek in From Dusk till Dawn: The Series

Everyone remembers stunning Salma Hayek in the 1996 cult movie From Dusk till Dawn. She was replaced by Eiza González in the TV series based on the popular horror film. Robert Rodriguez has directed both the movie and its television adaptation series.

Salma Hayek became an actress in 1989, but gained global fame only 6 years later. She starred in the 1995 action film Desperado directed by Robert Rodriguez.

That movie turned an unknown Mexican actress into world star. Salma Hayek starred in Rodriguez’s 1995 comedy film Four Rooms as a token of gratitude. Even though this film did not became a huge hit at the time, Salma and Robert definitely liked working together.

No wonder the actress appeared in his next film From Dusk Till Dawn. In my opinion, that 1996 action horror film is the best movie in Salma’s career. Whenever I hear the name Salma Hayek, I am thinking about the attractive vampire woman she played and her famous table dance scene.

From Dusk till Dawn: The Series, the television adaptation of the movie, was released in 2014. It was not a sequel of the cult horror film. Instead, it was a remake based on the first part of the film. Robert Rodriguez himself has directed some of the episodes. Young Latin American actress Eiza González played the role of Santanico Pandemonium, replacing unmatchable Salma Hayek.

Just like Salma Hayek, Eiza González was born in Mexico. She started her acting career as a commercial actress but then starred in the local television series. Robert Rodriguez’s TV project has opened the door to Hollywood for the young actress. Eiza González became a worldwide known star. After the end of From Dusk till Dawn: The Series, she starred in many blockbuster movies, including Baby Drive, Alita: Battle Angel, Hobbs & Shaw, and Bloodshot.

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Mr Bean’s Daughter Has Turned 25

Rowan Atkinson is worldwide famous as Mr. Bean. Thanks to his hilarious appearance and unique facial expressions, he is able to make you laugh without saying a single word. The actor is definitely not the most handsome guy in the world. Surprisingly, his daughter Lily, who was given birth by Sunetra Sastr, is a real beauty.

Rowan Atkinson’s ex-wife Sunetra Sastry has Indian roots that are easy to notice in Lily’s appearance. The girl looks stunning: she has brown-green eyes, dusky skin, and chic hair.

Lily has been taking acting and vocal classes since her early childhood. She studied at a private school for girls and was fond of horse riding.

In her youth, Lily played minor roles in several films alongside her famous father. Nevertheless, she decided to become a musician. Lily likes to write and sing songs. The talented girl has been performing in various London clubs since she was 14.

Rowan Atkinson and Sunetra Sastry divorced after 24 years of marriage. After her parents got divorced, Lily has ditched the Atkinson surname and adopted the maiden name of her mother. Many people think that she is very angry with her father. However, there are rumours that she did it purely out of marketing interests.

In my opinion, Lily is definitely offended by her father. She has not only changed her surname but also removed all references to Rowan Atkinson from her social networks. At this moment, nobody knows for sure whether she communicates with her father.

Nowadays, Lily is working as a soul singer, burlesque dancer, and a cabaret artist. She likes to do music and she has no plans regarding the acting career.

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Love of The Past: Val Kilmer Shares the Unknown Truth About Angelina Jolie

“The former Batman” Val Kilmer had romantic relationships with many Hollywood stars. According to the rumors, he had dated Daryl Hannah, Cindy Crawford, Michelle Pfeiffer, Drew Barrymore, Paris Hilton… However, he had only one wife — actress Joanne Whalley, who gave birth to two of his children.

The actor used to be extremely popular but now he takes terrible roles in B-movies, just like Nicolas Cage does. Nevertheless, nowadays, after turning 60, it seems that Kilmer’s favorite girlfriend was Angelina Jolie. In his memoir “I’m Your Huckleberry: A Memoir”, Kilmer shared previously unknown details of his relationship with Jolie.

They met on the set of the 2004 historical drama ‘Alexander’ directed by Oliver Stone. They fell in love with each other from the first sight.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not last for a long time. They broke up in 2004, when Jolie started her new project — Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Angelina met Brad Pitt and decided to dump Val Kilmer.

Unlike Pitt, Kilmer still thinks that Jolie is special. In his memoir, he calls her a kind, smart, and wonderful woman. Val claims that she has nothing in common with other Hollywood superstars.

Kilmer thanks Angelina Jolie for saving him from depression during one of the hardest periods of his life. At the time, the actor was devastated after the breakup with his girlfriend, actress Daryl Hannah (A Walk to Remember, Wall Street). Angelina helped Val Kilmer to get over it.

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Tom Hardy’s Children: What Do We Know About His Three Sons?

First Son — Louis Thomas Hardy

Tom Hardy met Rachel Speed on the set of the 2005 television series The Virgin Queen. They have been dating for a long time but did not marry. In 2008, Rachel gave birth to their son Louis. Even though the couple broke up, Tom continues to see his son on a regular basis.

Father and son get along well with each other. They spend time together very often. However, Hardy does not want Louis to watch his movies. The actor thinks that it is too early for his son to see Tom’s brutal heroes from Mad Max and The Dark Knight.

Second Son – Name Unknown

Tom Hardy married his second wife Charlotte Riley in 2014. She is an English actress best known for her role in the 2009 television series Wuthering Heights. Tom and Charlotte played a couple in this TV adaptation. It led to a wedding in 2014.

Charlotte gave birth to a boy in October 2015. They did not tell the press anything about their child. Journalists can only build assumptions about the baby’s name.

Not a single tabloid could find out the true name of Tom’s son even though he is already 4 years old.

Forrest Hardy

In 2018, Charlotte Riley appeared visibly pregnant at the premiere of a British comedy film Swimming With Men in London. The couple had not shared any news regarding their personal lives since December 2018 up to the birth of their second child at the beginning of 2019. Tom Hardy has become a dad for the third time.

It is known that the couple named their second son Forrest after one of their favorite film characters Forrest Gump played by Tom Hanks. Insiders claim that Tom Hardy has always found this movie very inspiring and enjoyable and thinks the name fits his son. Tom Hanks has personally congratulated the couple and approved their choice.

Both Tom and Charlotte do not want the press to know too much about their relatives. No wonder paparazzi fail to take any pictures of their younger sons.

Tom Hardy and his family have relocated from London to the countryside after struggling with stalkers and paparazzi. He raises his sons together with Charlotte Riley away from the hustle of the big city.

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Dwayne Johnson’s 19-year-old daughter Simone: Wrestler And Model

Dwayne Johnson, known by his ring name The Rock, is the third-generation wrestler. While being a 17-time WWE wrestling champion, Dwayne built an extremely successful acting career. He has been on the top of the list of the highest-paid actors multiple times.

The actor has three daughters. The oldest, Simone Alexandra, was born in 2001. He was married to Dani Garcia back then, who is a professional athlete of Cuban descent. They divorced after 10 years of marriage. Simone stayed with mom. Former spouses maintained a friendship for the sake of their daughter.

The girl looks like her dad. Her height is 177 cm, which brought her a contract with a modeling agency. Simone often attends movies festivals and other events together with her father. At the age of 16, she became the first Golden Globe Ambassador.

Simone has a very proactive attitude. She protects women’s rights on social media all the time. Simone believes that every woman must have the same freedoms as men do. She does her best to support the feminist movement.

Simone Johnson often gets criticized for a non-standard, non-feminine appearance and strong physique. She is a copy of her popular father: in terms of both appearance and temper. People who know Simone personally praise her for a strong character while noting that she has a very kind heart.

While working as a model, Simon was actively involved in sports. When the Rock’s daughter was 18 years old, she decided to follow the father’s steps and become a wrestler. At first, Dwayne Johnson did not like this idea, but he accepted the choice of his daughter eventually. He even became her personal trainer! The Rock claimed that he was the happiest father in the world when Simone signed a contract with WWE. He is very proud that his daughter became the fourth-generation wrestler in his family.

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Margo Robbie: The Girl Who Used to Sell Sandwiches and Work as a Hotel Maid

Margot Robbie is living example of the fact that anyone can become successful through hard work and persistence.

Margot Robbie was born in Australia. Her family was not rich. Margot’s father is a farmer and her mother is a physiotherapist. They had three other children besides Margot: two sons and a daughter. Unfortunately, their father abandoned them, so the mom had to raise and provide for the children alone.

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How Vin Diesel’s Twin Brother Looks Like

Vin Diesel does not talk much about his personal life. But in 2016, he posted a picture with his twin brother on Instagram. However, it caused even more questions. His brother Paul who is 10 minutes older does not look like him at all.

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Most Brutal Actors In Hollywood

Charlie Hunnam

You might have seen Charlie Hunnam in the failed 2017 film “King Arthur” directed by Guy Ritchie. However, I remember him thanks to the 2005 movie “Hooligans”. Interestingly, Charlie got his first role by accident: he was shopping around and suddenly a product managed offered him a role in the “Byker Grove” series.

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Actresses Who Refuse to Star in Superhero Movies

Far from all actresses are striving to play superheroines. Many Hollywood performers do not take comic book movies seriously. Moreover, some actors openly hate superhero films.

Rose McGowan

In 2016, the “Charmed” star Rose McGowan bashed “X-Men: Apocalypse” on social media. She was offended by the marketing campaign of this superhero movie. The film’s poster featured the main antagonist (Apocalypse) choking one of the superheroines (Mystique).

McGowan said she does not want to be a part of the modern cinematography because of movies like this. She also claimed that comic book films are useless and drive out good cinema that could be actually meaningful.

Emma Thompson

The “Harry Potter” star Emma Thompson said that she would hang herself if she sees another Spider-Man movie. Hilariously, two new Spider-Man films have been released since then: “Homecoming” and “Far From Home”.

This popular superhero has also appeared in two of the other Marvel movies (“Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame”).

Amanda Seyfried

According to one of her interviews, Amanda Seyfried has been offered a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the actress turned it down. The Hollywood star claimed that she did not want to spend the entire day wearing green makeup for six months a year.

Amanda has also said she likes humane movies with meaningful dialogues better than silly superhero films in which she would need to wear extensive makeup and fly around the set on ropes.

Reese Witherspoon

This Hollywood star has never said toxic things about superhero movies. Nevertheless, she is clearly not into them. Reese Witherspoon mentioned she is not interested in films based on comic books so we probably will never see her playing a superheroine.

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts has played in many movies of various genres. She has starred in dramas, thrillers, and even comedies. However, the actress claims she does not want to get involved in superhero movies.

She thinks that comic book films are ruining the cinema industry. Watts does not like that all the human drama movies are turning into TV shows because of superhero blockbusters.

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Hollywood Actresses Who Were on the Covers of Fitness Magazines

Zoe Saldana

Zoe is a mother of three children and she is 41 years old. However, she managed at least several times to appear on the covers of healthy lifestyle magazines.